Maxim Winkelaar is responsible architect and the direct contact for the client. Maxim Winkelaar believes in ‘Design Follows Personality‘, creating together with our clients a personally tailored design. Our architectural aim is to optimize the living and working environment therefore creating architecture that is ‘made to measure’ to the lifestyle of our customers. Our goal is that people feel at home in our designed buildings.

At a young age Maxim Winkelaar was interested in old buildings. Not for nothing that during his engineering studies he also studied architectural history and history of arts. This combination of studies and his work experience adds value for seeing (cultural-historical) qualities and possibilities of existing buildings. There are many (old) buildings of which the construction is still valuable enough to be re-used.
Maxim Winkelaar strongly supports to re-use buildings of which the construction is still of good quality. Often there is more possible than you think in designing leaving surprising spaces and practically usable buildings.

Maxim Winkelaar is the owner of Maxim Winkelaar Architects and is the co-founder of the award winning concept of floating houses called Watergaten®.

Maxim Winkelaar (1980) is of Dutch-British origin and started his architectural career in 1996 at a Dutch intermediate technical school. After completion in 2000 he continued his studies in Construction techniques at a technical college in Amsterdam whilst at the same time achieving a NIMA-A diploma in marketing, after which he undertook a degree course at the Technical University of Delft, The Netherlands. During his university studies Maxim diverted to the University of Leiden, The Netherlands to attend the faculty of History of Art and History of Architecture and further his interest in restoration and renovation.
During a study exchange program Maxim studied modern contemporary architecture at The University of London, England. where his study project was exhibited during the annual exhibition of architecture in London. After various work experience in The Netherlands and abroad Maxim was awarded a degree in architecture from the Technical University of Delft, The Netherlands in 2006.

Maxim Winkelaar has been working independently for several years. The year 2011 saw the start of Maxim Winkelaar Architects. His work was published in 2013 in the book “Reactivate! – Innovators of the Dutch architecture“. Prior to that Maxim was joint partner of rondaywinkelaar architects Amsterdam from 2006 to 2011. During and after his studies Maxim has worked for Rappange & Partners Architects in Amsterdam and for The Association Hendrick de Keyser who specialize in restoring and renovating historical buildings and monuments.

In 2006 Maxim Winkelaar and Bob Ronday entered an architectural competition organized by the BAI and the BNA. The concept they designed called Watergaten® (Water holes) won first prize and many architecture nominations afterwards. The Watergaten® project has been exhibited throughout Europe. The project has not yet been realized but has attracted worldwide attention and publicity not only with regard to the floating water homes but also to the global environmental problems. In addition to the Watergaten® project Maxim Winkelaar has entered two other architecture competitions. Designs ESpatio and PLANK! were both nominated by the jury.

Other architectural activities
In addition to architecture and design Maxim Winkelaar has given presentations and lectures in The Netherlands, Germany, Norway and England and is frequently invited to participate in debates and symposia. He has given presentations at the BNA Building of the Year Award and at the Eco-Build exhibition which is the world’s biggest Event for Sustainable Design in London, England. Maxim Winkelaar has been interviewed for various television programs: such as the German ZDF network who produced a documentary on the history of water homes in The Netherlands and the futuristic concept of the Watergaten® project. The project Residence Zoetermeer is nominated for the ECOLA Awards 2015 (European Conference of Leading Architects).

Member of Board of Architects
Maxim Winkelaar has been invited to become a member of the Board of Architects for the Town Council of Huizen, The Netherlands in the function of architectural consultant. He held this position since 2013 until 2017.

Good deeds
Maxim Winkelaar supports good deeds in the World of architecture. He is an active member of the Hendrick De Keyser Association in Amsterdam which is an association for the preservation of architectural and historical buildings in The Netherlands. He also assists the Raguel Foundation which is an independent foundation that offers support for homes and guidance for young and slightly handicapped adults.

Recent news
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