Gymnasium loft completed

In the centre of Amsterdam is an old elementary school. The gymnasium in the school is transformed into a spectacular loft apartment. The former school was an elementary school of the 1st class. Previously, there were schools which started from the 1st to the 4th class. 1st class schools were the cheapest and the most expensive were the 4th class schools. The 1st class schools were free, these were primary schools for children of the workers. Every 1st grade school had its own number, in this case, the primary school has got number 112. In 2011, the function was changed from school to residential building.

The gymnasium is located on the first floor and has a ceiling height of 4.55 meters. The surface of ​​the gymnasium is increased because of a new mezzanine floor. This creates several open spaces and beautiful sightlines in the loft. The apartment has got three bedrooms and a study room. At the back of the building we have created a free hanging balcony.

Look here for more information about the project.

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