22 Nov
New project: House Oud-Zuid 3

Renovation and interior design of a 19th centuray residence in the posh Amsterdam Oud-Zuid area. The urban family house has got high end finishes.

25 Oct
Villa aruba is progressing

All the building permissions are granted and the actual building is started for our modern contemporary villa design on Aruba.

20 Oct
Canal house 4 completed

Located on the Prinsengracht in Amsterdam we have made and high end luxury interior design for a spacious apartment on the canal.

01 Sep
New project: Villa Abcoude

Maxim Winkelaar Architects made a design for a modern luxury shed home in Abcoude, a small town just below Amsterdam.

24 Aug
New project: Residence interior

Maxim Winkelaar Architects is selected for the interior design for a newly built residence along the beautiful Vinkeveense Plassen.

14 Aug
Environmental permit granted

The environmental permit is granted for the total renovation of the house in the posh neighbourhood “Amsterdam Oud-Zuid”.

28 Jul
Luxury apartment completed

The renovation of the luxury apartments in the city centre of amsterdam are almost completed. The final stage is started.

03 Jul
Highest point villa vinkeveen

Celebration of the highest point in the building process. The contractor will complete the newly build residence end of 2017.

22 Jun
Gymnasium loft completed

In in the centre of Amsterdam is an old elementary school. The gymnasium in the school is transformed into an urban loft apartment.

03 May
New project: Villa Aruba

We have designed a new modern residential building in Palm Beach (North) Aruba. The island is located in the Caribbean.

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