We are specialized in high end residential architecture, specific experience in renovation, restoration and remodeling of buildings and monuments. We endeavour to find the best creative solution whilst at the same time taking the wishes and preferences of our client into consideration. Our designs and concepts are created for optimal functioning at all levels: Verandas, patios, mezzanines, skylights, ‘look-through’ and ‘vision-lines’ are recurrent elements in our designs.

In addition to making a good design, expert guidance, understanding of materials and a vision of sustainability, we also have the right knowledge in the field of building regulations. Maxim Winkelaar Architects is professional reliable, customer oriented offering knowledge, experience and quality that ensures successful project realization.

Desk Maxim Winkelaar

Maxim Winkelaar Architects offer a total solution in the field of building and remodeling with various activities such as designing new homes, renovation and construction, decoration and interior design. We also deal with environmental permit applications and amendments to the planning by municipalities. As consultants we can offer expert advice to home buyers with explanations of conversion options and an indication of additional costs before embarking on a project or prior to purchasing a house. In addition to working in The Netherlands we have international experience in Belgium, Switzerland, France, England, Ibiza (Spain) and Aruba.

We find the environment important and we keep us active in the aspect of sustainability. We also noticed that our clients want to do more and more with sustainability.
Sustainability is nowadays no longer an additional feature, it is necessary to take it directly in the design process as well as durability aspects such as the implementation of heating pumps, sun collector panels and durable building materials. In addition to making a good design, expert guidance and understanding of materials, we have the right knowledge in the field of building regulations.

About Maxim Winkelaar.
Maxim Winkelaar is responsible architect and the direct contact for the client. At a young age Maxim Winkelaar was interested in old buildings. Not for nothing that during his engineering studies he also studied architectural history and history of arts. This combination of studies and his work experience adds value for seeing (cultural-historical) qualities and possibilities of existing buildings. There are many (old) buildings of which the construction is still valuable enough to be re-used.

Maxim Winkelaar strongly supports to re-use buildings of which the construction is still of good quality. Often there is more possible than you think in designing leaving surprising spaces and practically usable buildings. Aspects such as energy saving and use of sustainable materials are included in our designs.

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Maxim Winkelaar Architects comprises a small and very motivated team. Each team member has a specific expertise, knowledge and network. With this knowledge sharing close cooperation, we are able to successfully realize projects.

We work according to the motto: ‘Small is the new big’. Our firm has built up a professional network of trusted external advisors. For each project we will propose a team of professional specialist advisors.

We meet many people and attach great importance to good networking. This dynamic network ensures that we constantly gain new insights and more collective knowledge, which is a direct added value for all our customers.

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Currently there are no vacancies or internships available. Our team is complete. We receive daily open applications and therefore can not personally respond to all applications.
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